June 18, 2018

Why the Secret to Negotiating isn’t Taking. It’s Sharing.

SHARING THE PIE When was the last time you negotiated like a boss?  Buying a used car from the neighborhood dealership? No sweat.  Asking for higher pay than you were offered? That’s not nervous laughter, that’s the sound of eager anticipation.  Well, good for you!  Honestly, we need people like you […]
June 11, 2018

The Smart Way to Train for Negotiations

WHY NEGOTIATION TRAINING IS POPULAR Friday summer-hours in Lima can start as early as noon. However, on this Friday the conference room was filled to the brim at 7p. Grey haired managers sat alongside fresh-faced analysts all eager for the session to begin. Interspersed within the hum of conversation you […]
June 4, 2018

How to Get What You Want for Dinner in 3 Simple Steps

Picture this scenario: you and your significant other want to eat dinner together tonight.  You’re about to leave work and you receive this laughably routine text message: “What do you want to eat?”  and a familiar exchange ensues: Partner: “Japanese?” You: “No” Partner: “What about BBQ?” You: “Too Heavy” Partner: […]