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  • Teaching Negotiations? Assign a Video Game as Homework
    Scoring goals outside of class If you’re looking for novel ways to engage negotiations students out of class, why not try a video game? FIFA 18 is the latest installment of the soccer/fútbol franchise and is the reigning best-selling sports video game of all time.  The majority of the game, […]
  • Considering VC Funding?
    What to know before getting onboard.
    On a recent trip to San Francisco, my discussions with founders and investors were largely focused on one question: would we raise VC/institutional capital? Immersed in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, there was immense pressure to do so.  With the day-to-day challenges of building a company, it’s easy to see raising […]
  • Creating amazing e-learning experiences? Get learners to the table first before serving them.
    This month, the AACE’s E-Learn conference in Las Vegas will focus on the challenge of designing, developing, and assessing E-Learning. In a nutshell it will be the premier conference where attendees debate how we make e-learning better.  Everything from educational policy to augmented reality, the AACE conference will bring the […]
  • Want to Engage People on the Topic of Bias? Play a Game
    At SimCase we love games – card games, board games, video games, mobile games – you game it, we like it.  There’s an intangible “something” to the games that entertain us, wow us, challenge us and ultimately teach us.  It is from these that we draw our inspiration and hope […]
  • What Adam Grant and Malcolm Gladwell Can Tell Us About Educational Games
    I’m not afraid to admit that my morning runs are simply not that interesting. Podcasts are what get me out the door, and provide a welcome, outside perspective on the work we do. The other day I happened upon one such podcast, and the ideas it shared stopped me in […]
  • What We Learned About Active Learning by Building Games for Professors
    Active learning sits at the heart of the SimCase experience for students.  From our own student experiences, we knew that engagement, participation and application (all core to Active Learning) differentiated the good classes from the great ones.  To make sure our team and professor partners are designing the right kind […]
  • 5 Negotiation Tips for Buying a Used Car
    So you want to buy a car.  Where do you start? At baseline it is easy to believe that we will fail.  After all, isn’t that how every car negotiation we’ve ever heard, seen or talked about end?  What should I ask for? Even if I did, how would I […]
  • Why the Secret to Negotiating isn’t Taking. It’s Sharing.
    SHARING THE PIE When was the last time you negotiated like a boss?  Buying a used car from the neighborhood dealership? No sweat.  Asking for higher pay than you were offered? That’s not nervous laughter, that’s the sound of eager anticipation.  Well, good for you!  Honestly, we need people like you […]
  • The Smart Way to Train for Negotiations
    WHY NEGOTIATION TRAINING IS POPULAR Friday summer-hours in Lima can start as early as noon. However, on this Friday the conference room was filled to the brim at 7p. Grey haired managers sat alongside fresh-faced analysts all eager for the session to begin. Interspersed within the hum of conversation you […]
  • How to Get What You Want for Dinner in 3 Simple Steps
    Picture this scenario: you and your significant other want to eat dinner together tonight.  You’re about to leave work and you receive this laughably routine text message: “What do you want to eat?”  and a familiar exchange ensues: Partner: “Japanese?” You: “No” Partner: “What about BBQ?” You: “Too Heavy” Partner: […]

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